Many of our clients are business people or run a company. From more than 44 years of experience of assisting companies we are second to none at knowing the issues and problems they come up against. This experience and up-to-date knowledge enable us to advise and assist businesses in a thorough, but always in a practically-oriented way in all legal business matters, such as:

  • legal audit: the legal screening of undertakings
  • advice on the formation and restructuring of companies and rationalisations
  • corporate takeovers, such as asset/liability transactions and share transfer
  • the drawing up and assessment of (commercial) contracts and general terms and conditions
  • advice in cases of disputes between shareholders, managing directors and supervisory boards
  • litigating in (company law) disputes

A major focus in our business practice is employment law. Many of our clients are (also) employers and regularly come up against employment law issues and problems. This can range from drawing up or revising an employment contract with the provisions to be included in it to terminating employment on account of poor performance for example.

As a result of new legislation and trailblazing decisions of judicial bodies employment law is in a constant state of flux. For this reason guidance by a specialist at an early stage is very much to be recommended. We can offer you this guidance by being alert to your problems and actively assisting you, behind the scenes where necessary and/or desired. In both the profit and non-profit sectors we guide and advise clients on:

  • the conclusion (or revising) of employmentcontracts for indefinite or definite periods of time, flexible contracts, management contracts
  • individual and collective terminations of employment
  • special clauses, such as penalty, competition, probationary period and unilateral alteration clauses
  • good employership/employeeship
  • position of managing director under the articles of association
  • severance schemes and redundancy plans
  • transfer of undertaking in relation to the employee(s)
  • influence of the collective labour agreement on labour relations within company or organisation
  • right of co-determination and works council
  • employment and care
  • equal treatment and other questions relating to legal status
  • employment law proceedings