The clear and accurate setting down in writing of agreements made prevents not only discussion after the event about what precisely has been agreed, it also gives you “something to hold on to” in any legal proceedings.

We are perfectly equipped to advise you on and assist you with drawing up and assessing contracts. Without losing sight of the negotiating climate in which the agreements are or have been reached, we can avoid legal pitfalls and draw up watertight contracts like no other.

Our services do not begin nor do they end with drawing up and assessing contracts alone. In the preliminary and subsequent phases too, such as the negotiating phase, the fulfilment of contracts and their termination, we are happy to provide you with assistance and advice. Where necessary we can and will litigate for you in disputes relating to the conclusion, execution or termination of contracts (for example, where negotiations are broken off, in cases of non-fulfilment of obligations under a contract or in cases of termination of continuing performance contracts).

We have particular expertise in the areas of:

  • Contracts of purchase/sale for movable and immovable property
  • Letting/leasing contracts for industrial and office space
  • Distribution-, franchise- and agencycontracts
  • Automation contracts
  • Cooperation agreements, such as general partnerships, limited partnerships and the “new” partnerships
  • International contracts, for which we have a dependable international network of attorneys, notaries, accountants and tax consultants